meet kaitlyn

Hello, Friend!

My name is Kaitlyn, and I am the voice, photographer, videographer, and doula behind Kaitlyn McEntire Photography - currently based in Denver, CO. My little growing family includes my adorably nerdy husbie, persuasive (because she's so cute) toddler, and soon-to-come new babe girl (who *might* just share birthdays with her older sister)!

Kaitlyn McEntire - Utah and Denver Birth Motherhood Photographer 05
Kaitlyn McEntire - Utah and Denver Birth Motherhood Photographer 01

Things I'm Always Working On

  • Seeking balance between achieving my goals (checklist-style) and being fully present in the moment.
  • Finding quality time with my sweet, thoughtful husband and my CUTE, cute toddler girlie.
  • Figuring out ways to fill my extrovert need to be with and serve people.
  • Doing something about this desperate yearning of mine to help every woman’s journey into motherhood be an empowering one (which all started with my birth experience).

My Why

While birth work and running my own business is HARD (that's all capitals hard), I LOVE it. Getting to support and document the vulnerable, authentic, and beautiful journey through pregnancy, birth & postpartum, seeing fellow mamas learn to appreciate instead of hate their transitioning bodies, watching them emerge from this important phase of life empowered... there's just nothing else like it in the world. And I can't deny that this work CALLS to me in a way I've never felt before.


My Birth-Nerd Self

  • I trained this past March as a doula with Genesis Birth Co.
  • Currently, I'm working on certifying as a birth photographer through Birth Becomes Her.
  • Babies are Not Pizzas by Evidence Based Birth’s Rebecca Dekker is one of my current favorite birthy books (haha I just love EBB in general)!
  • I LOVE the midwifery model of care, and am an advocate for family-centered, empowering, informed consent, shared-decision making type maternity care.
  • I also believe that every birth story is beautiful and worth sharing (if not for yourself, for the benefit of all the families that could hear it)!

From Here

I'd LOVE to get to know you - your beautiful soul, the family you love, the adventures you're taking! And I would absolutely LOVE to serve you in your motherhood!

Unsure of what I can do for you? Go check out my services (and feel free to reach out if you need some extra guidance)!

Ready to take the leap and join my client family? Reach out, and we'll schedule a virtual meet-up so we can chat through all your options!

Just lurking for now? Go follow me on my social media, and stay up to date on all my thoughts, dreams, and business happenings!

Hope we talk soon!