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Meet Kaitlyn

Hey, friend! I’m Kaitlyn, a people-loving nerd of a soul, mama of two girlies (#2 girlie coming our way December-ish), and firm believer in the value of a supported, empowered, honored and documented journey through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the motherhood beyond. Come read more about me, my crazy, and my business!

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My Services

Do you want someone to support you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum? What about documenting your motherhood so you have professional, emotion-filled images to treasure? Or maybe you want both? Come over this way, and I’ll guide you through each of my services, what to expect, and the step-by-step how-to in getting on my calendar and joining my client family.

Services - Kaitlyn McEntire Photography
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My own precious motherhood experiences. The clients I’ve had the privilege of serving through their own journeys. My thoughts and the most valuable info and advice I’ve gathered from both my personal experiences and professional birth training. This is what I would share with my dear friends, sisters & family if they asked for my thoughts on birth and motherhood - and what I’d LOVE to share with YOU! So grab some ice cream, join my circle, and scroll this way!

Ready to take the next step?

Simply reach out, and we'll schedule a virtual meet-up! I'll walk you through all my services, and together, we'll figure out how I can serve you best.